Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My vintage dish collection has grown. . .

I've had a passion for vintage dishes for many years.  My favorites are those adorned with roses (preferably pink) and little bits of gold.  Faded paint and a little chip never stopped me from falling in love with a piece.  In fact, it endears me to them even more.  I love knowing a piece was used by others in its lifetime.  And I don't just let my pretty dishes sit on a shelf to be admired from afar, I actually use them on a daily basis. Dad isn't a big fan of me serving his little boy on girly dishes so I bought a couple in more "manlier" colors.  Yellow roses are manly, right?

Being the thrifty gal that I am, I never pay a lot for any of my vintage dishes.  The most I paid for any of these shown here is $12 (for the second one pictured).  Some stores I visited were asking twice the price for similar plates.  I think I paid $10 for one other and the rest are around $5 or less.  I even picked up a couple for $1.39 at the Salvation Army thrift store.  Yesterday, I hit several antique stores in Old Town Clovis and found quite a bit for not a lot of money.  I did find several pieces that were quite beautiful but they were out of my budget so on the shelf they stayed.  Here's what I came home with. . .

*  If you want to see a great close-up on the photos, right click and select "open link in new tab" or "open link in new window" then click on the photo until it reaches it original size.

10" serving bowl with roses, faded pink paint and lovely trims of gold

9" serving dish/plate (my favorite find)  I love the colors, the gold accents and all of the raised detail!
7" plate with pink wildflowers and gold designs

7" plate with purple flowers and raised detail

7" plate with yellow and faded pink roses.  Very "manly" if I say so myself.

I got four of these little 5 1/2" plates for $10.  If you come for a visit, I'll probably serve you a muffin on one of these.

When I found this little beauty, she didn't have a price tag.  The lovely person at the counter said, "Oh I don't know.  How about $3?"  Ummm let me think. . . .YESSSSSSSSS!

Small French dessert plate covered in pastel roses, chartreuse leaves, and scalloped gold trim.  I think this one is my second favorite find from yesterday.  I can't wait to eat off of it.

Celery/relish dish

This little cutie is only 3 1/3" tall.  It was love at first sight.  When I saw the lilacs and shiny gold filigree trim, I think I actually gasped out loud.  It has a little cut-out in the lid for a spoon.  Not sure what this was originally used for. . .maybe honey?  Did I mention I only paid $2?  I know!

3" diameter open sugar bowl (for cubes).  I'll probably use her to hold spare change.

This $2 darling is out of my usual palette of pinks and purples but I couldn't resist her sweetness.  Very cottage-y dontcha think?

$2 violet tea cup

$1 saucer filled with violets.  Doesn't match the cup but do you think I mind?

Everything from here on down were already in my collection.  I haven't done a post about my collection since 2009 so these were acquired sometime between 2009 and 2012.

This was one of my $1.39 thrift store finds.  It's Norwegian and reads "Give us this day our daily bread."

Another pink floral and gold accent dinner plate.  Another $1.39 find.  Score!

Sweet and simple dinner plate.  I got two of these for $4.

I picked up this beauty for about $5 on etsy.  The same design is on the other side as well.  She's a whopping 5" high (that's big for a sugar bowl).  I keep dry creamer for my coffee in it.

As you can see, we use this little floral creamer to hold chalk.

9" plate with lots of faded charm and a very sweet scalloped edge

Another time worn plate - 9"

This serving plate takes my breath away.

My favorite coffee cup.  Only problem is you can't pop it in the microwave to reheat it since it has gold trim.

Thanks so much for letting me share my collection with you.  It was fun!

Please come back and visit soon.

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