Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Singing Its Praises: Ballet Flats

Although I've admired ballet flats from afar and found them attractive on many women, I've never tried on a pair that were both stylish and comfortable (most slip off my heel with each step and immediately wear a raw spot in my skin) so I'd kind of given up hope on them.  And honestly, I prefer heels (3-4" usually, but higher for date night) because they make my 5' 4" frame appear taller and leaner.  I'm too tall for most petite pants (even in flats) and the "regular" length are usually too long for a flat shoe but perfect with a wedge heel so that's what I tend to stick with.  But that being said, heels aren't practical for every situation so my search for a cute and comfy ballet flat continued.

Well, I can tell you that since last night, my search is finally over!  While out killing time waiting for my teen daughter's dance class to end, I found the trifecta of ballet flats (cute, comfy and affordable) at Payless (I know!)  While I'm not a brand snob and I DO love a bargain, I haven't had a lot of luck with Payless over the past couple of years.  It used to be my go-to place for inexpensive but cute sandals for my daughter and me and sneakers for my son when he was a toddler but it seems like they've raised their prices considerably but not the quality.  So when I popped in there last night, I wasn't expecting too much. 

And that's when I saw Claire (deflex by Dexter).  She was sitting there all pretty with her shiny toes and heels and tempting me with brightly colored signs assuring me how comfortable and flexible she was.  I didn't want to be deceived by her good looks so I was sceptical when slipped her on my feet.  It was love at first feel (cue the AC/DC music).  I walked up and down the aisle in disbelief at the fact that she was comfortable (felt like I was wearing slippers) and didn't slip off my feet even a little.  Needing to share my joy with someone, anyone, I spotted a salesgirl coming down the aisle and I showed her the shoes and said, "These are the best flats EVER!"  We chatted for a few moments about our mutual love of Claire and we became instant BFFs.  Well not really, but we both agreed they were the most comfortable flats we'd come across.  And. . .they were only $24.95. 

Although they also had a cheetah print and a grey flannel, both with black patent accents, I picked the black ones.  I figured they will go with more things in my fall/winter wardrobe and they have such a nice sheen to them.  And the gathering is only on the sides (not in the heel area like some shoes I've seen) and it stretches just enough.  It's like a gentle hug on your foot.  No curled up elf-looking toes either.  I love my new flats!  Maybe I should get a second pair now in case Claire gets worn out and I find out they don't carry her anymore.  I hate it when that happens, don't you?

Please come back and visit soon.

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