Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some new additions for the garden

If you've read my posts about gardening, you'll know I'm a lover of David Austin English roses.  I think I have 12 or so in my garden already.  I love the bushy habit and old world blossoms.  They just make me happy.  Today, I decided to add a couple more to my collection. . .Heritage and Janet, as well as a non-English rose and a couple of perennials to add some interest to the rose garden.

Iceberg "Brilliant Pink" (a bright cerise pink painted onto cream) is not an English rose but still a prolific bloomer all season long and a welcome addition to my garden.
How could I resist that beautiful color?

I've never tried yarrow before but I'm curious to see what colors I get from this plant.  The woman at the nursery said it could be any combination of pink, purple, white, yellow, and peach.

Now, I've got to find just the right spot and get these beauties in the ground. 

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