Sunday, March 4, 2012

In the garden. . .

It's sunny and 72 degrees today.  I couldn't resist taking a little walk around the garden to see what's blooming.  Please join me. . .

 The first of my snow crocus is making an appearance.  I think I planted a dozen.  Most of the greenery has come up but this is the first flower.  Isn't she pretty?

The bergenia is lush and in full bloom.  I've got lots of these all over the garden.  They love shade and early morning sun.

The camellias have been in bloom for a while now but I waited until today to finally cut some and bring them in the house.  I filled four small vases and placed them here and there.  

This particular bush (I have 5 camellias in all and 3 different varieties), was full of blossoms inside and out.  This happens when you prune at the wrong time of year (I didn't care though - it really needed it).  Personally, I love seeing the blossoms peeking from inside the plant.

These are my newest camellias.  I planted them a little over a year ago when I redid the front flower bed in the fall of 2010.  They are under our large picture window in the front of the house so I get to see them from inside the house as well as when I walk around the garden outside. 

I placed my favorite pale pink one on the window sill of the window over my sink.  Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time at the sink but at least I get to look out over some of my front garden and now, this little beauty.

The perfect little pink pom pom!

And here's our garden fountain.  The fountain is made of metal and makes the most wonderful tinkling sound when the water hits the bowl below.  On warm days like today, I keep the kitchen window and front door open so I can hear it clearly.  The sound makes me happy.

Please come back and visit soon.

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