Sunday, February 27, 2011

My follower gadget is broken and so is my heart.

Hi Nesters,

I don't know what happened but today I checked my blog and my follower gadget wasn't working. It's like it just disappeared. Instead of seeing all the smiling faces and icons from my readers, there was this message. . .

"We're sorry. . .The item you are looking for was not found or has been deleted. Please try again."

I've tried to remove it and re-add the gadget and I've tried inserting the follower code from a backup of my template, but I still get the same results. I posted a help message on the blogger forum and am hoping someone who knows more about this stuff than I do will find a solution for me. In the meantime, my 184 Nesters (aka followers) are lost somewhere in limbo land and I am sad and heartbroken (I never realized how much I enjoyed looking at all of you lovely readers every day).

Here's my solution. . .since my preferred method of reading all of your blogs is with Bloglovin', I've decided to add my own Bloglovin' icon to my sidebar so you can follow me there too. In my opinion, it's a much better way to read blogs than using blogger's reader. I can also personalize my settings to have my favorite blogs' updates sent to my email (as they are posted, daily or weekly).

Click below to follow me via Bloglovin'


If you're not familiar with Bloglovin', here's a screenshot of what I see when I open up my page:


Of course, this is a reduced size version. But I can scroll down through the list of recent blog posts and read a short excerpt of each new post (click on "see all" on the blogs I follow gadget on my sidebar to see a real life version). If I want to see all recent posts by one particular blogger, I simply click on their name on the left and all of their posts show on the main screen. It's just a nice alternative to blogger/google friendconnect following gadget (especially if yours doesn't work anymore like mine).

Please keep me in your good thoughts and wishes and hopefully my old follower gadget will return one day.


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