Sunday, October 3, 2010

My front garden flower bed plan

Hi Nesters!

In a recent blog post, I wrote about having our hedge and a shrub taken out in our front garden to make room for lots of new plants and flowers. Here's the plan I created for that spot.

I can't wait to get started planting. But there's some prep work that needs to be done. A friend said she wanted my rocks so her hubby is going to pick those up in the near future. After the rocks are out, I'll amend the soil to give the new plants a healthy start. Then (my favorite part), I'll peruse the local nurseries for plants. I'm not sure what's available right now so I may have to be patient (it's not easy) and plant the garden in stages. I'll keep you posted.

(new garden bed plan)

("before" and "in progress" photos from my previous post)

Soon, the front flower bed will look more like this one, which is located just to the left of the walkway.


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