Friday, October 1, 2010

New mineral makeup collections from Aromaleigh and Meow!!!

Hi Nesters,

Two of my favorite mineral makeup companies have just announced new collections.

First up is Aromaleigh, which just unveiled the first of 3 farewell collections. Instead of selling off her remaining inventory of minerals, Kristen (owner and artisan of Aromaleigh Cosmetics) has decided to grace us with 3 eye shadows collections inspired by her son's love of Mythology, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and Harry Potter. Here is the first of those collections...MYTHOS. The colors I'm most looking forward to trying are Chronos, Hestia, and Zeus.

MYTHOS (click on the photo to view hand swatches)

Meow Cosmetics' new collections for fall 2010 are Alien Abduction, Sunless Sea and Shattered Equinox. In addition, they've brought back for the Halloween holiday their Dance of Death, Frightening Foundations, Friday the 13th, and Halloween Zombies collections.

Here are the colors that grab my attention in the Alien Abduction collection: Abductee, Probe, and S.E.T.I.

My initial faves from this collection are: Um....all of them!
Colors I can't wait to try from Shattered Equinox: Tarnished, Dour, Turmoil, and Melancholy. This collection also has 5 blush colors. Click on the photo to see.


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