Friday, October 8, 2010

Aromaleigh's "Wonderstruck" review - Part I

Hi Nesters!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm going to be reviewing Aromaleigh's "swan song" collections starting with Wonderstruck. Keep in mind, these are my impressions of what I see while viewing the eyeshadow swatched on the back of my lotioned hand (or arm in some cases).

Today, I tested out 10 eyeshadows. Each of them had sparkles (aka cosmetic grade glitter), but I want to note that the sparkles are very fine and delicate. Like beautiful pixie dust, not like school project glitter. In some cases, it was very difficult for me to decipher precisely what color the sparkles were but I gave it my best guess. What I do know for sure is that the sparkles are gor-geous! I found myself holding my hand up to the sunlit window, turning it this way and that way and thinking "Ooooh pretty sparkles." If a stranger were to see me doing this, I'd most certainly be thought of as a great candidate for the loony bin, but you fellow makeup lovers know exactly what I'm talking about and we are not cuckoo. We just appreciate pretty sparkly things. With that said...on with my descriptions!


  • Melancholy Maiden - Nude/fawn/buff shimmer with multi-colored (aurora borealis?) sparkles.

  • Spot of Tea - Neutral (not too cool, not too warm) beige shimmer with lavender sparkles.

  • Wonder-ous - Warm cream shimmer with gold sparkles and slight yellow/green iridescence.

  • But This is My Dream - Pinky/peach shimmer with golden iridescence and pink sparkles.

  • Mimsy - Light warm peachy brown with plush/shimmer finish and multi-colored sparkles.

  • Tattered & Grown - Midtone pewter shimmer with pink highlight and baby blue sparkles.

  • Tunnel Vision - Quintessential midtone shimmery taupe (not too brown, not too gray) with lots of tiny multi-colored sparkles.

  • Fiddlesticks - Midtone warm shimmery copper (but not orangey) with blue and pink sparkles.

  • Opiate Advice - Greyed periwinkle with pink iridescent highlight and crystal sparkles.

  • Just A-head - Mid/dark-tone charcoal shimmer with dusty lilac iridescent highlight and lots of pink, lavender, blue and crystal sparkles.


    *If you decide to order an eyeshadow based on my descriptions and yours ends up having gold sparkles instead of copper, for example, please don't write to Aromaleigh telling them you got the wrong product. These are just my own personal observations. Sampling and testing them out for yourself is always the best way to know for sure if you'll like a particular color. :)

    Edited to add: KittenMittens asked in the comments below if Wonder-ous was like Infernal Chaos from Aromaleigh's Victoria's Revenge collection. Here are photos comparing the two:

    Indoors w/ flash (blurry but it shows the sparkles a little bit)

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