Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recent shopping hauls - part II

Okay, so here's the rest of the stuff I've acquired over the last month or so. You will notice a distinct trend among some of the items. I didn't even realize this myself until after the fact.

First, a lamp with a story. . .

Jason and I went to lunch the other day. When we got back to his work, we stood outside for a few minutes talking. I noticed in the window of the store next door (Tuesday Morning) a gorgeous hand painted dragonfly lamp. I knew exactly where I wanted to put that lamp and I told Jason I was going to buy it provided that it wasn't too expensive. We said our goodbyes and I went in the store with high hopes that I would be going home with a cute buggy lamp.

When I walked in the store, I recognized the man working there as someone I went to high school with (we weren't in the same class, I just never forget a face). We chatted about that for a minute and then on to the task at hand. I asked him how I could find out the price of the lamp in the window (it was buried deep by other furniture). While he was moving the furniture out to get to the lamp, I relayed to him the story about how I saw the lamp when I was talking with my husband who happened to work next door, blah blah blah. He (Chris) pulled the lamp out and I spied the tag. I said "Oh, it's a little expensive." (The tag was marked Retail price $190, TM price $70) Chris then said, "Oh, too bad your husband isn't very nice to me or I would give you a discount, ha ha ha. Just kidding, your husband's a great guy." (All men think they're so funny.) Chris then asked me how much I wanted to pay for it. Me: Are you serious? Chris: Yes. Me: How about $40? And then Chris said those magic words every girl loves to hear, "It's yours!"

My new lamp!

Lamp detail. I love the faux linen finish on the background.

Sad little lamp (okay, so it's not totally hideous) that I bought at a rummage sale more than 13 years ago and repainted twice. I also tea stained the lamp shade to give it some character.

I think the dragonfly lamp fills this space much better than the previous lamp did, don't you agree?

I was shopping in Big Lots (discount variety store) and found an espresso colored basket. It has a lid (yay storage!). As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be my new side table for my reading corner.

The only thing wrong with this corner before I bought the basket is there was no place to set a drink except up high on the breakfast bar counter. Here's a link to a prior post showing what the reading corner looked like without the new basket table and tray.

Here's a closeup of the tray you see sitting on top of the basket. I bought it at Home Goods a while back (way before I found the basket). I didn't know what I was going to use it for but it was so pretty (and only $12) so I couldn't leave the store without it. It sat on the built-in buffet in my dining area just looking pretty for a couple of weeks until I found it's true calling.

See, I actually use it a lot. I was sitting in my chair the other night watching television and I looked over at my stuff on the tray and thought "that would make a cute picture," so I snapped a shot of it.

I found this framed and matted dragonfly print at Home Goods and it was the only one. Again, I wasn't sure where I was going to put it (or if I was even going to keep it) but I love vintage-y art (especially bugs, birds and botanicals) so it came home with me. I left it in the garage for a week or so until I found a home for it.

Here it is in it's new home. There used to be two framed photographs (one stacked above the other) in this spot. I don't miss them. Now, don't get worried that my family room is all bugs and such. They are strategically scattered around the room as accents rather than a grouped collection. I don't think anyone would even noticed a theme (I don't "do" themed rooms) if I didn't point out the similarities. So if you come to visit, I promise not to start pointing around the room "here's a bug, there's a bug..." ;)

I picked up this little round carved wood mirror at Big Lots the same day I got the basket/table. There was nothing at all in that spot under the shelf before I put the mirror there. It didn't look weird empty due to the composition of the other things on the wall, but now I can't imagine it NOT being there.

I got this carved wood piece at Big Lots as well. It was the perfect fit for a formerly empty spot on my bedroom wall.

Do to the fact that there is a light switch on the wall in my bedroom, I had to hang this mirror off center leaving the space next to it empty. It wasn't such a big space that it looked weird with nothing in it, and I knew eventually I would come across the right piece to fill the spot.

You can see this little iron bird picture frame on the dresser in the photo above. I got it at Marshall's. I haven't found a picture to put in it yet but it's still pretty just as it is.

(Oh yeah, I like Buddha too. Got a few scattered here and there.)

And just so you don't think I've recently gone bonkers over insects, here's part of my collection that I've acquired over the span of 12+ years.

"Moon, Permission and Moth" by Anita Munman hangs in our foyer.

Wrought iron butterfly candle holder (at least that's what I use it for) that I've painted at least 3 times.

You might have seen this little guy sitting on the end table in an earlier photo. It used to have an embroidery floss hanger but that's since come off. It's a real butterfly (I didn't kill it) mounted under glass. I found it at a thirft store many years ago. It says "Enesco" on the back. Might be mid-century, not sure.

And lastly, my butterfly ornaments.

Well, that's it. Thank you for enduring yet another tour of my recent acquisitions. Besides the fact that I think everything I bought is beautiful and of exceptional quality, I didn't spend more than $20 (most things were around $10) on each item you see here...except the lamp and the basket ($40 for each). I'm a great bargain shopper and I love shopping in discount and second hand stores. You should come with me next time!

*Jason, if you happen to read this blog post, I swear I'm done shopping for a long while. :)


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