Saturday, December 12, 2009

My favorite makeup brushes

Not only do I love my brushes for their superior quality, they are very affordable too.

Here's a list (from top to bottom) of what I use each brush for. . .

  • Sonja Kashuk powder - I use this brush to dust on my finishing powder
  • Sonja Kashuk blush - This is my favorite blush/rouge brush
  • Studio Tools duo fiber - I use one of these brushes to apply Aromaleigh rocks! sonic rouge. The other one I use when I want a very sheer dusting of finishing or shimmer powders.
  • Aromaleigh large rounded face - I use this brush to blend my foundation down to my neck.

(cont'd below)

  • Sonja Kashuk pencil brush - I use this to apply creme eyeshadow under my lower lashes
  • Sonja Kashuk crease brush - This is used to be my favorite crease brush. It's one of the first brushes I purchased when I started using mineral cosmetics two years ago. This brush it still going strong. Now, I use it to apply the highlight to my brow bone area or the inner corner of my eye lid.
  • Sonja Kashuk fan brush - I use this brush to mix my mineral foundation. I sprinkle the colors I want to blend into a little glass dish and then I pounce it with the fan brush. Works great! I also use this brush to apply my Aromaleigh vitamin c mask (I wash it first, of course).
  • Angled Craft brush (aka "4 Royal soft-grip SG150") - I apply brow powder with this brush. I have "permanent makeup" on my eyebrows so I only use this brush when I want a more dramatic brow.
  • Flat Craft brush (aka "1/4" Royal soft-grip SG160") - Great for foiling (mixing with water or sealant before applying) mineral eye shadows.
  • Aromaleigh thin liner (they don't carry this brush any more) - Great for wet lining mineral pigments, cake liner or gel liners.
  • Aromaleigh silk fiber - Good for applying a small amount of dark eye shadow pigments to outer corner and/or crease. My "go to" crease brush.

(cont'd below)

  • Target large shadow brush - I use this brush to apply my loose mineral eye shadow to my lid.
  • Target small shadow brush - I use this one to apply dark eye shadow colors to the outer half of my lid (but not the outer v, I use the Aromaleigh silk fiber brush for that).
  • Target smudge brush - First I apply my indelible creme liner using the liner brush, then I use this brush to smudge it out for a smokier look.
  • Target/Studiotools crease brush - I don't use this one as much as my Sonja Kashuk crease brush, but I still use it to apply highlights to my brow bone or inner corner of lid.
  • ecotools crease/shader - My "go to" highlight brush. It's the softest brush I ever met! Great for blending powders (mineral foundations and correcters) under the eye too.
  • ecotools concealer brush - I use this one to apply creme eye shadow as a base on my lid.
  • ecotools face brush - My favorite face brush in the whole wide world. It's just the right size for a light dusting of foundation under my eyes, finishing powders, whatever. I usually stick this one in my purse when I think I might need a little touch-up.
Where to buy:

Target/Studio Tools & Sonja Kashuk brushes were purchased at Target.
Aromaleigh brushes were purchased online at Aromaleigh.
Craft brushes were purchased at Michael's Crafts (you can find these at any craft store).
ecotools brush set was purchased at Walgreen's (other drugstores and ULTA also carry them).

I hope this was helpful to you in some way. If you have more specific questions about any of the brushes I listed here, please feel free to ask in the comments section of the post.

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