Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The She Space unveils their latest limited edition collection "Utterly Fabulous Fall"

Here's a sampling from the collection of 45 eye shadows.

here comes crazy
gnomes who roam
bandits in bras
little merry maidens
dreamers and doers
From The She Space:
Raise your hand if Autumn is your favorite time of year! ME ME ME!! Granted, it has been a pretty pathetic Summer here in the Chi-town area and I could have used a few more warm days...but I know they might still be out there. However...I must confess that Fall, and all of her majestic, rich tones is my favorite time of year! Admittedly when the clock strikes midnight and August officially begins, something happens to my brain and I go into color mode. It's true!!! If you go back in color history, Fall is when I simply can not stop myself from launching all sorts of fabulous new shades, and this year is no different. READ MORE...
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