Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Look for the Aromaleigh Makeup Challenge Week 57

If you're not familiar with Aromaleigh's Weekly Makeup Challenge, click here for an explanation. This week's challenge is to "Make a look using colors that are a similar shade of your eye color. Example, blue eyed gals use blue shadow, green for greens and so on. I have personally been trying to find a shade of blue that looks good on me. Most do, but only if it is darker than my eye color. And if you have those awesome eyes that tend to change color, just pick the closest that yours happens to be that day."

Here's my challenge look.

Color Descriptions:
  • blue haze - This shade appears almost white but has a very visible blue iridescence.
  • cosmos - A mid-tone periwinkle blue eyeshadow.
  • smokescreen - A very fine dark grey glimmer.
  • mocha - The perfect chocolatey-brown medium-hued shadow for dramatic eyes.
  • sunny disposition - Palest buttercream yellow with a plush finish.
  • drama queen blue - The deepest glimmer of sapphire. Immensely dark, yet not quite navy, a true midnight gem but with the intense fire of blue steel, with sparks and flashes of intense shimmer.
  • sinisterrouge - A deep but vivid garnet burgundy.
  • limbo - Our tinted lip balm, in a wear-all rosy copper spice buff tone with delicate cocoa fragrance.


  • blue haze pure hue - inner 1/2 of lid
  • cosmos pure eyes frost - outer 1/2 of lid
  • smokescreen pure hue w/ mocha pure hue layered over it - crease/v
  • sunny disposition eye plush - under brow
  • drama queen blue mineral liner - mixed w/ sealant and applied to upper lash line

Rest of face:
  • Eucerin Everyday Protection Sun Lotion SPF 30 - all over face/neck/chest
  • translucent ultra resolution finishing powder - dusted lightly all over as a foundation primer
  • 2yl/2w voile mineral foundation - all over
  • sinisterrouge rocks! sonic rouge - cheeks
  • limbo elemental lustre nourishing color creme - lips

So why don't you pop on over to the Aromaleigh Aficionadas forum and check out the other challenge looks. Perhaps you'll be inspired to do one of your own.

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