Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aromaleigh “En Pointe” New 2009 Limited Edition Eye Collection is here!

“En Pointe”… a 2009 Limited Edition Collection.

Inspired by one of my great loves… the ballet.

This is a gathering of lush shades, not just the expected ballet pink. For me, ballet is dramatic, emotional, and full of tragic beauty. With almost 20 years of ballet study, I watch not only dreaming that I could be on the stage, but knowing the iron strength and control that the most ethereal, graceful dancer must have.

Color Descriptions:

Arabesque - A refined bluish green with highlight shimmers of green and gold. Multi-facted and rich frost. (Frost)

Odile - A deep and mysterious smooth, lush mauve sheen with iridescent shine of green and blue and earthy undertones. (Smooth frost)

Pirouette - Soft peachy pink plush matte base with hazy blue iridescence. So pretty! (Sheen)

Dulcinea - Rich warm purple plush matte base with unexpected smooth green iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Serenade - A color inspired by my favorite ballet. Beautiful smooth teal plush matte base with a lush violet iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Calliope - As lovely as the muse herself, this is a go-to color. A soft plush matte base beholds softly shimmering beige and lilac tones. (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Giselle - A sweet and softly shimmering plush tea rose matte base enhanced with a delicate pink and gold highlight. As precious as the beautiful Giselle. (Sheen)

Waltz - A soft pale green plush matte base with a mysterious blue-green highlight tone. Use wet or over base for more drama! (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Coppelia - A lovely berried plum plush matte base with a dimensional smooth violet highlight. (Sheen)

Terpischore - Another shade fit for a muse... a fawn plush matte base with a magical golden iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

Aurora - A pinky-beige plush matte base scattered with tiny shimmers of blue and pink. Fit for a princess. (Sheen, slight shimmer)

Myrtha - The rich deep blue green of night with an earthy base. Gorgeous dramatic blue-green highlight shimmer. Apply wet for high drama, dry for softer effect. Plush matte base with sheen highlight.

Pavane - A fascinating dimensional cocoa shade. Shimmers travel from pink to gold to blue to green. Ethereal. (Sheen with sparkle)

Elegie - A dark dose of shimmering jewels. Add to other shades to deepen and dramatize, use wet-lined or all-over for a magnificent, glimmering smokey eye.

Piqué - A lovely mauved purply brown with light-changing lustre, travels from purply-blue to blue-green. (Sheen)

Clara - Festive warm purple with a twist... an unexpected smokey base and a sweet blue and pink traveling iridescent highlight. (Frost)

Tutu - Soft pink violet plush matte base with an effervescent golden copper highlight. (Sheen)

Sylph - Add a touch of shimmering tiara glamour to any shade to add sparkly and shine... brilliant sparkling jewels in a white plush matte base.

Glissé - Lush cocoa plush matte base with bordeaux tones... and a surprising green and blue shimmer highlight. (Sheen, slight sparkle)

Promenade - Romantic violet plush matte base with an intriguing blue-violet iridescent highlight. (Sheen)

I've learned to always purchase a full size sample set of the limited edition colors because like Kristen (Aromaleigh's owner and creator of all these lovely eye shadows) said, "The photos of these colors barely touch what they truly are like in person." With that said, my top 5 based on my first impression are: Arabesque, Odile, Dulcinea, Pavane and Sylph. What are your favorites?

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