Monday, October 1, 2012

Aromaleigh v.2 "Dusk to Dawn" Overnight Mineral Treatment - A Product Review

"DUSK TO DAWN" Night Time Mineral Treatment- Large 25 gram jar

I recently had the opportunity to review Aromaleigh v.2's Dusk to Dawn Overnight Mineral Treatment, which was based on Aromaleigh v.1's Nocturne for those of you who have been longtime customers.

WHAT IS IT:  There is so much great information on this product at the web site that I won't bother posting it all here.  But in a nutshell, it's a mineral treatment powder you apply to your clean skin at night before going to bed.  It's supposed to nourish your skin with minerals, vitamins, herbal extracts, and amino-rich silk powder among other skin-loving ingredients.

MY SKIN:  I am over 40 and have combination skin (oily t-zone/normal cheeks with occasional blemishes) but I use several anti-aging products (like Retin-A and glycolic acid serum) on a regular basis.  So for my product test, I decided to use the Dusk to Dawn on the in between days when I'm not using those harsher treatments and want to give my skin a rest. 

HOW I USED IT:  So I did what the instructions said and I applied it in a light layer to my freshly cleansed skin (face as well as neck and chest since I always use skincare treatments on all three areas) using a flocked sponge.  I use flocked sponges for applying my mineral foundation so I had them on hand.  A regular powder puff would work just as well.  In the morning, I just splashed my skin with water to rinse it and patted it dry.  I didn't feel the need to use any additional cleansers since I washed my skin the night before.

MY RESULTS:  What I found is that my skin started to feel "healed" after several days of use.  The pink/red areas were calmed and my occasional "monthly" blemishes were reduced.  I've only been using the product for a couple of weeks now, but so far I like what it's doing for my skin.  In addition to using it on my face/neck/chest, I also tried it on my scalp.  Occasionally, my scalp gets a few itchy and angry looking red spots around the hair line and other places here and there (usually when I go a day without washing it).  I experimented and dabbed some of the Dusk to Dawn on those spots and it helped heal them as well.  If you're looking for something different to add to your skincare routine or have tried higher-priced nighttime mineral treatments, I suggest you at least try a sample of Dusk to Dawn and see what it does for your skin.

MORE INFO:  It comes in two shades, Dusk to Dawn (original shade) and Dusk to Dawn II (the darker shade).  I don't have a shade preference since I'm wearing it to bed and no one is going to see me, but if I had to pick one I think it would be the original shade and then only because it would keep my pillow cases cleaner.  Samples (1/2 tsp) are only $2.50 and come is plastic baggies.  The regular sized jar (known as a 20 gram jar) is $28 and contains 10 grams net weight of product.  The large jar (known as a 50 gram jar) is $50 and contains 25 grams net weight of product.  And again, the web site has more details regarding jar size, ingredients, etc.

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