Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting kitchen cupboards is NOT fun. . .

. . .but it will be sooo worth it in the end.  I've decided to finally undertake the task of refinishing our kitchen cupboards AGAIN.  I did it once a year or so after we purchased our home (14 years ago) and it hasn't been long enough for me to forget what a daunting job it is.  I'm not doing anything fancy; just repainting them white and changing out the hardware.  But still. . .it's a process.

Remove hinges, remove handles, sand front/back of doors, sand base of cabinets,  1 coat primer, 2 coats primer (plenty of drying time in between each coat), apply paint, apply second coat of paint if needed (of course, I'm probably going to need two), let dry A LOT because you don't want to affix the new hardware and screw up all your paint job, hang doors.  See?   I told you.  It's A LOT!

This time around, I decided to work in sections instead of removing all of the hardware from my 36 cupboards and drawers, sanding everything, painting everything, etc.  You see, my fab hubby works 50 hours a week and I'm the DIY person in the family so I'm pretty much on my own with this project.  Plus, I'm a control freak when it comes to projects like this so I'm perfectly happy to go it alone.  So today, I started with an upper bank of three cupboards and am going to finish the job completely before moving on to another section.  I think this is going to be a good system for me because I don't have enough work space to do all of the doors/drawers at the same time and I don't have enough extra room to store everything that has to come out of the cabinets in order to paint without getting dishes all yucky.

Here's what ground zero looks like today. . .can you see the Oil Rubbed Bronze bin pull I tried out on the drawer?  That's what's going on all of the drawers and matching pulls will go on the doors. 

Holding zone. . .No family dinners at this table until the trio of cabinets are done.

Below is the "Before."  Not hideous by any means but there are lots of scuff marks you can't see in this photo.  We also currently have chrome pulls with white porcelain centers.  Cute for the mid 90's but not so cute now.

Stay tuned for more kitchen updates and the "After" (if I ever get there).  Wish me luck!

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