Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's blooming - April 2012

For those of you who are new here, this is a photo of the front of my house.  It will help you orient yourself when I'm talking about where the plants and flowers are located in my front garden.  Feel free to click on photos to enlarge.  I've blocked out partial address info for privacy.


Front garden in bloom. . .

Lots of camellias (done blooming), ferns and azaleas taking over the shady part of the front garden to the left of our front door.

Calla Lily

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Gertrude Jekyll climbing rose (David Austin) lives directly to the left of the garage.

These roses live on the right side of the garage.  They get lots of morning sun.

Just around the corner from Gertrude Jekyll (on the south facing wall of the garage) is this flower bed highlighted by Sophy's Rose (David Austin English Rose).  A purple lilac not yet in bloom is behind and a Kimberlina rose is just out of view to the right.

 Our new welcome mat!

Back garden is blooming too. . .
Janet (David Austin English Rose)

More of Janet

. . . and one more Janet

The Alnwick Rose (David Austin English Rose)

Golden Celebration (David Austin English Rose)

Golden Celebration  (David Austin English Rose))

 Bearded Iris

 Brilliant Pink Iceberg rose


Dutch Iris





Winchester Cathedral (David Austin English Rose)

Please come back and visit soon.

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