Thursday, March 15, 2012

My new yellow shoes!

Do you remember the other day I posted about my new striped top and I did an inspirational collage to show how I would wear it?  If not, click here for a reminder and then come back and read the rest of this post, k?

Okay, so last night I went shopping with my daughter, one of her friends and the friends' mom.  We were at Kohl's looking for a prom dress for the friend and I wandered into the shoe department (alright so I made a beeline for it the second I walked in the store but who's keeping track).  Low and behold, I found these beauties (the last pair in my size).

They are almost identical to the ones in my collage (see the tan leather-esque detail on the strap?) and these were on sale for $21.99 (reg $54.99).  Plus, I had a 30% off coupon so they ended up being only $16.61 (incl. tax)!!!  I don't believe in paying a lot of money for shoes in general but it's especially true when the shoes are a trend that I probably won't wear more than a year or two at most and these fall into that category.  I'm still working on finding a pair of white jeans (yikes!) but in the meantime I can wear them with regular denim jeans or a pair of white denim cropped pants (aka peddle pushers, capris) I already own.

Thanks for letting me share my shoe joy with you.  Please come back and visit soon.

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