Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Aromaleigh v.2 Samples and Sylph Blush Review

I received my Aromaleigh v.2 sample order yesterday.  I got 9 of the Sylph blush colors (bouvardia, calla, celosia, gladiolus, paeonia, primrose, protea, sakura, and thistle), samples of all 3 Illuminata products (original, luxe, and eye), 1 Prelude treatment primer, 1 Gypsophila finishing powder (I tried this sample when the product was first introduced but couldn't remember if I loved it or not so I'm trying it again), 1 Gossamer foundation in 2y and 1 Gossamer foundation in 3w (for my teen).

First up are the blushes. . .

I haven't tried them all yet but I did attempt to swatch a few on my arm.  Blush color swatches aren't easy to photograph.  But the ones I included here are pretty close to real life.  You can rely on the color descriptions on the website because in my opinion, they are true to the samples I have tried.

Yesterday, I wore Protea.  I find that richer more vibrant colors look better on me that lighter ones.  I can apply them with a light hand and get a natural flush of color; whereas, lighter blushes tend to disappear on me or I have to layer them quite a bit to get any color payoff.  Today, I wore Celosia and loved it (sorry no pics - but soon).  It is a mid tone color that's not too peach and not too pink.  It also has a little more sheen to it than just matte.  I would call it a plush finish because its texture/finish reminds me of the Muse line of eyeshadows.

bouvardia: A medium neutral bronzed berry.
calla: A delightful coral peach.
celosia: A soft peachy pink buff.
gladiolus: A luscious pink mauve.
paeonia: An exquisite deep peony pink.
primrose: A gorgeous mauved pink with soft beige tones. 
protea: A perfect blend of pink, peach and scarlet.
sakura: A true candy pink.
thistle: A soft pinkish mauve with buff tones.

Me wearing Protea blush.  When applied sheerly, the depth and brightness is not intimidating.  I love this color!

Coming up:  Reviews of Aromaleigh v2 finishing powders and eyeshadows.

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