Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pin Up Girls and Tattoos

For quite some time, I have admired vintage pin up girl art, tattoos (I have two that I got in my 20's), and pin up girl style on women with tattoos.  Pin up girl style isn't for me, but I've definitely contemplated getting a pin up girl tattoo.  Although I have searched extensively, I have yet to find just the right one that perfectly depicts the multi-faceted woman that I am.  Yes, I am a housewife, a cook, a gardener, and an all around DIY gal.  But first and foremost, I am a woman.  And being a woman of a certain age, I occasionally ask myself, "Am I too old for more tattoos?"  I don't want to appear silly or as if I'm trying to hard.  But if it's simply a form of self-expression, it shouldn't really matter what others think about it, right? 

Oh the dilemma. . .thus, my search continues.  In the meantime, here are some images that I am particularly fond of.  Enjoy!

Credit:  Jeff Gogue of Grant Pass, Oregon

Credit:  Jose Lopez of Lowrider Tattoo in Fountain Valley

Credit:  Tim Harris of Hope Gallery Tattoo in New Haven, CT

Credit:  Mark Mawson

Or maybe I should just get a pin up girl apron instead. : )

Please come back and visit soon.


* If any of the above artwork is yours, please contact me so I can give you credit.  Thanks!
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