Monday, February 7, 2011

My Etsy shop is open for business!

Hi Nesters!

You may have noticed the announcement that's been sitting at the top of my blog letting you all know that my Etsy shop is coming soon. Well, that day is finally here. . .

Welcome to Beau Marché (boh mahr-shey "beautiful market")! Click on the avatar below (or on my shop banner above) to visit my shop.

I've always had a secret yearning to open and run my own store. Being a full-time wife and mother, it just didn't seem to be in my future. But since my family is my priority, I was okay with that. But Etsy (an online global handmade and vintage marketplace) has made it possible. It's sort of like eBay but without the auctions. And everything you find on Etsy is either handmade by the shop owner, vintage (more than 20 years old), or a supply that someone can use to handcraft things. That's it. No mass produced swap meet sunglasses here.

And I love buying on Etsy because I know that when I do, I'm helping an individual grow their business and possibly feed their family and not just padding the already fat bank account of a huge corporation.

I have 3 items in my store so far but I have several more vintage, repurposed and handmade items ready to be listed in the near future.
Thank you everyone who wished me well on Facebook. I appreciate your support!

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