Friday, November 26, 2010

Coming soon...2 new Meow limited edition collections!

Hi Nesters,

Here is a preview of Meow Cosmetics' two limited edition holiday collections which will be orderable December 1st and will be discontinued December 31st. Click here to visit Meow's Xmas Shoppe and drool over the holiday collections you can have now.

"Reindeer. . .This holiday season, believe. The holidays are pure joy and magic when seen through the eyes of a child. This season, recapture a little of that magic with a color palette kissed with wonder. Specially formulated for sheer luminosity they are lovely and sophisticated when worn in pairs for a tonal look. Soft, airy and iridescent, these playful light hearted shades with transport you to a place where Reindeer can fly."

"Sugarplums. . .As sweet as sugared plums and holiday fairies, these lovely shades sweep on a rush of holiday color."


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