Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy's Helper: Creative solutions

Hi Moms!

Here are more creative kid tips for you. Some are my own and some are from other parenting resources. As always, if you have any tips you'd like to share with my readers, please email them to me (see link on sidebar).

Crayon Creations - Instead of throwing away broken crayons, we place the pieces into fun baking molds and put them in the oven at 300°F for about ten minutes or until they're melted completely. The result is a really cool-shaped crayon that's all different colors. (Jennifer Adema; Bowmansville, NY)

Closet Case - I save pants hangers and use the clips to hang up bags and backpacks in the closet. It's a great space saver, and it keeps the clutter off the floor. (Sara Luna; Minneapolis, MN)

Ice Cube Tray Storage - Use colorful plastic ice cube trays to organize your daughter's tiny hair accessories. (Robyn's Nest)

Two of Cameron's favorite art projects from last year are still hanging.

Hanging Art Gallery - Instead of cluttering up the entire side of your fridge with kid art, put up one special piece at a time in that prime location and display the rest in your child's room. I attached cup hooks high on my son's wall about 10 feet apart and then tied a piece of twine to each hook. When he brings art projects home from school, we attach it to the twine using clothes pins. After the end of each school year, the old art comes down (we save the special ones in a plastic storage bin) and it's all ready for next year's art. (Robyn's Nest)

Ultimate Frisbee - In case my toddlers need to eat lunch when we're on the go, I keep clean Frisbees in my car. I can turn them upside down, and the rim will keep food from falling or sliding around. (Shelley Polewchak; Eastlake, OH)


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