Monday, July 19, 2010

Mommy's Helper: Super glue instead of bandages

Hi Nesters!

During the summer months, my kids spend a lot of time in our pool. Sometimes when Cameron has a teeny tiny ouchie somewhere on him that didn't require a bandage during the normal course of the day (paper cut, bug bite, etc.) the water, in his words, "makes it burn!" Since my little guy is a rough and tumble sort, he always seems to have some sort of scrape on him. Needless to say, I quickly grew tired of wasting waterproof bandages (those things aren't cheap).

I had heard of liquid bandage products but didn't have any in the house. So I thought I would give super glue a try. I put a little dab on Cameron's cut (which was barely visible to the naked eye), he and I blew on it until it dried and voila! No more burning ouchie while swimming.

I also need to mention that when he has an open cut that's either bleeding or visibly red, I do use a waterproof bandage. I'm not THAT cheap. But for things like paper cuts, the super glue works like a charm. Now I'm not saying using super glue in lieu of bandages is for everyone (you should follow your own mommy instincts), but in this instance it worked well for us.

Oh and one more thing...if you're thinking about sending me a message telling me how I'm poisoning my child by putting super glue on his skin, I did my research and the primary ingredient of some brands of liquid bandages, including the Band-Aid brand, is a form of cyanoacrylate, better known as "super glue" so I think we're all good here.


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