Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Karma's a b*tch: R4TU Exposed!

If you're part of the online mineral makeup community, you may have heard about a beauty forum called rant4theugly (aka R4TU). It's basically a forum where women complain to each other about anyone and everyone in the makeup industry.

But it quickly became a Kristen Bell hate fest (the R4TU creator even states that she created the site so there could be a place to complain about Kristen/Aromaleigh and that other companies were later added for "fairness") and the women (hereinafter referred to as "the Rant women." I really want to call them something else, but I'm a lady.) there jumped on every word Kristen ever posted on her blog, Twitter and Facebook whether it was related to personal family issues or her makeup company in what appeared to be a thinly veiled attempt to take Kristen and her company down. Any topic was fair game for the Rant women. They even went so far as to accuse Kristen of possibly lying about her father's death. That's abominable!

Three of the Rant women are (clickable links):

Jenna Whitman (owner of Stardust Cosmetics)
Jeanine Fitzgerald (aka Hottie McNaughty)
Dawn Wilson (aka Sassy Banjo, aka rant4theugly)

PLEASE READ Hoyden's blog post "True ugliness revealed..." and view screen shots of conversations among these women (and others who have their real identities hidden behind screen names--yes, we do know who some of you are) in what they thought was a private moderator's forum. There was some sort of password glitch and several people were able to view this hidden forum and see what they were really saying out of the public eye (there's even some stuff about me). You will be shocked and appalled at the true ugliness the Rant women spew.

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