Friday, May 28, 2010

Victoria's Revenge "Oleander Vapor"

Today, I did yet another look using Victoria's Revenge, Aromaleigh's latest limited edition eyeshadow collection. Oleander Vapor was actually the first color I tried from this collection but I didn't have time to take photos that day.

I wore an ethnic print skirt today, which contains brown, maroon, pink, orange, gold, green, and ivory. Oleander Vapor really brought out the pink/maroon colors in the skirt.

Swatches from Aromaleigh

And here's a barrage of full face photos of me feeling extra cute in Oleander Vapor.

  • Oleander Vapor (Aromaleigh) - lid
  • Perceived Reality (discont'd TSS) - crease
  • Oyster (Aromaleigh) - to blend and highlight
  • Chocolate Mousse gel liner (Aromaleigh) - under 3/4 bottom lashes and top 1/4 lash line
  • My own mix of glissade foundation (Aromaleigh) - face
  • Clear ultra resolution finishing powder (Aromaleigh) - face
  • Cashmere pure rouge (Aromaleigh) -cheeks
  • Random pink NYX lippie from my makeup drawer - lips
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