Saturday, March 20, 2010

Play Ball!

The Cary Baseball League San Francisco Giants season is underway.

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning to get up for Cameron's "Opening Ceremonies" for baseball season. Cameron came in at 5:40 (he never wakes up early so this was odd) and said, "It's taking too long for the sun to come up." Even in my sleepy stupor I knew what he meant. He was anxious for his big day to start. I told him the sun would be up soon and to climb in bed with me. Luckily, we fell back to sleep but my alarm came way too soon. I hit the snooze figuring Jason would wake me up at 7:00 when his alarm went off. While dusting yesterday, I must have accidentally activated the alarm clock on my night stand because at 7:00 sharp, I was awaken not by my husband but by the sound of ocean waves and seagulls...VERY LOUD waves and seagulls. Okay, I guess someone's trying to tell me that it's time to get up.

Got out to Cary Park at 8:15 and the ceremonies started at 9:00. All the teams (t-ball, farm, rookie, minors and majors) from both the National and American leagues lined up waiting for their names to be called. The players from the majors of each team made a tunnel for all of the other players to run through as their team names were called. After they made it through the tunnel, all of the players huddled together and did a team chant (1, 2, 3...goooo Giants!). The bounce houses and game booths were being set up, so we headed off to McDonald's for breakfast. Cameron played in every single blow up bounce house/slide thingy until he was good and sweaty. Then he took a turn at the dunk tank (he missed the target by inches--darn), knocked over 3 milk bottles (yay!) and won some candy (went back later, knocked them over again and won more candy), and tossed a few ping pong balls into the fish bowls and won two gold fish. We're going to pick them out at the pet store tomorrow.

After five hours of cermonies and playing (in the sunny mid 70's weather), we headed back home. Boy were we pooped (BTW, Sierra spent the night at her Grandma's house so she wasn't with us today). As soon as we got home, Jason laid down on the couch and Cameron and I laid down on the bed to rest. We woke up about 3+ hours later. I can't remember the last time I had a nap but I really needed it today.

Cameron's first game is next Wednesday evening. I'm super excited to see him play. Last year was his first year in the league and he did t-ball then. He made all-stars and showed a real talent for hitting the ball while being pitched to (in the all-star game you get three pitches from the coach and if you don't get a hit, you have to hit off the "t") so we moved him up to farm league (machine pitch) this year. He's the shortest and youngest player on the team (he'll be 6 next month--farm is 8 and under) but he has a true love of the sport and has done very well in the practices. I'm sure I'll be taking lots of pictures and a video or two so be expecting some more "baseball talk" over the next couple of months.
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