Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog news

Hi Nesters! I just wanted to let you know that I tried (and already deleted) a new comment widget called "intensedebate." After installing it and seeing it in action, I realized it wasn't for me. Although the comments were emailed to me (via notification settings I have on blogger), I couldn't see them when I went to my blog page.

In addition, when I viewed my blog post (the one I experimented with it on), I wasn't able to even see a comment prompt for anyone to leave me a comment. I don't like to make things complicated, so I just deleted the widget entirely. Perhaps it's just my computer that has issues, but when I went to a friend's blog that has this widget, I can't see the "leave a comment" either unless I click on a specific post title within the blog. If I'm just viewing the entire blog (where I can see several posts in a line), the comment section isn't there.

Anyway, if you left a comment on my last post, please know that it was received and I really appreciate it. But when I deleted the widget, the comments were lost. That's all for now,

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