Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First FOTD of the New Year

Having the kids out of school and home with me 24/7 for the past three weeks has really thrown me for a loop (how did I survive the summer?). Now that vacation is nearing an end, I decided to break out the camera and share my latest look. Today, I used colors I haven't used in a very long time. Although they are some of my favorites, they tend to get lost in the sea of 100's of neutral eye shadows in my drawer. I think using Tansy in the crease gave this look a little more "life."

Here's what I did on my eyes...

*All makeup in this look is by Aromaleigh except the lid color, which is by Meow Cosmetics and the mascara which is Max Factor.
  • I applied Bare Necessity creme eyeshadow as a base from lashes to brows using a synthetic hair concealer brush.

  • Then, using a small natural hair brush, I patted on Claws-trophobic (Meow Cosmetics) all over my lid.

  • Using a duo-fiber crease brush, I applied Tansy into the crease and over the lid color in the outer corner to blend.

  • I then applied Sunny Disposition from crease to brows and on the inner corner to highlight and blend out crease color.

  • Magnestism indelible gel liner was applied to lower 3/4 and upper 1/2 of lash lines and then blended with a natural hair smudger brush. I also blended the liner toward the outer v for more depth in that area.

  • Finally, I finished off with a coat of Max Factor waterproof 2000 Calorie mascara.

Color Descriptions:

  • Sunny disposition - Palest buttercream yellow with a plush pearl finish
  • Tansy - The deep golden color of closed flowerbuds, sparkling with blue highlight

  • Claws-trophobic (Meow Cosmetics) - Platinum taupe

  • Magnetism - Pearlized charcoal with golden glints

I appreciate you viewing my look!


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