Monday, January 4, 2010

I installed a new mail box!

For the 11 years we've owned our home, we've had a horrible little slot style mailbox. It's only horrible because the substitute mailcarrier doesn't take the time to insert each piece of mail into the slot so that it actually falls down into the box inside our house. Instead, he wraps all the bills/letters up in the junk mail and sticks it into the slot so the lid can't close down over it and where it is on full view to everyone passing by (not that we live in a high traffic area).

I must add that our regular mail carrier, Jim, kindly puts out junk mail in a basket on our porch out of view of passersby leaving the rest of the mail in the box with the lid down (much love to Jim !!!).

Jim suggested that I leave a note for his subs to drop the magazines and other junk in the basket but I don't like leaving an ugly note taped on my mail slot. So instead I curse the sub mail carrier who doesn't see the basket all on his own and continues shoving all the mail into that tiny slot.

Several months ago, I purchased a lovely bronze and nickel finish mail box to not only beautify the front of our house but to alleviate the exposed mail situation. After months of putting off the intallation (I had to drill into the brick facade of my house), I decided NOW was the time. I went to the hardware store and purchases the appropriate masonry drill bit and screws and installed that mailbox all by myself. It only took a short time. What was I waiting for all these month?

Job complete! It looks lovely if I say so myself. It also has a locking compartment on it to deter would-be thieves from pilfering our mail. Although we never had a problem with mail theives even when all of it was in full view before.

One drawback...Jim is on vacation and his sub mail carrier thought it would be really neat to leave the lid open after he deposited my mail. Come on! How hard is it to close the lid on the box after you insert the mail. DH told me to wait a day before leaving a note just in case the mail carrier needed a day to adjust to the new box (are you serious?).

Old mailbox slot.

New mailbox!

Thank you for viewing my most recent home improvement project!

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