Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aromaleigh contest: Celebrate the start of this year's butterfly migration and find the hidden butterflies!

From Miss K..."The last few days, my front gardens have been full of butterflies. I plant Lantana (Butterfly Bush) on purpose... it not only grows amazingly well, but it's sweet smell attracts hundreds of butterflies to my garden from mid-August through the full height of the butterfly migration in October!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Monarch and Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies pass through South Carolina, on the way to Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico. As the weather starts to get a little cooler, I love standing in my front window and seeing 20-30 butterflies in my garden at a time, from dusk till dawn!

This year, to celebrate the Butterfly migration, we are going to have a little fun at Aromaleigh. Not only will an upcoming limited edition eye collection be inspired entirely by gorgeous butterflies, but I will be hiding a butterfly on the site each day through September 10, and there will be prizes every day for those who find the butterfly and report in first!"

Click here to check Miss K's blog for the daily butterfly hunting contest! The complete rules are listed on each day's contest page. She usually announces each day's contest on Twitter first so click here to follow her.

*Limit of 3 wins per person.

I've already reached my limit of 3 wins. Here are my prizes: (1) a 10 gram jar of "Bluebell" Satin Petals Frost eye shadow, (2) a Limited Edition Hot in the City "Summer of Love" lip gloss; and (3) my choice of any Aromaleigh eye shadow (I chose "Lychee" Opulent Lustre).

Below are some of the beautiful butterflies we've been hunting for!

Happy hunting!


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