Monday, June 29, 2009

The She Space Haul...

Today, I received 8 full size eyeshadows (3 gram jars, no sifters) and 13 eyeshadow samples from The She Space (aka About Face Cosmetics). They have quite a nice selection of colors as well as a variety of textures to their eyeshadows. And of the ones I've tried so far, the color payoff is good.

However, I do have two complaints. [Excuse me while I shout...] WOULD IT KILL THEM TO PUT AN INVOICE OF WHAT I ORDERED IN MY PACKAGE? And... PUT YOUR COMPANY NAME ON YOUR SAMPLES!!!

Oh and a couple more things... (no shouting) It would be helpful if they had a product search engine on their web site. It's very difficult to find a specific color if you don't know which collection it came from. It would also be nice if they posted updates about their limited edition collections (or updates of any kind for that matter) on their blog. This company could take lessons from Aromaleigh.

And a compliment...I do love the idea behind Hope Quest 2009. Read more about it here.

Okay, here are my goodies!

Color descriptions of the full size shadows (I sampled all of these except kiss of reality prior to purchasing full sizes):

  • broken rules: Soft twinkling honey with layers of gold and pink
  • glossed over: Shimmering plum with layers of baby blue and lavender
  • goddess called pam (discont April LE): Warm iridescent cocoa fused w/ rose
  • kiss of reality (May LE): soft buttery gold (I'm going to use this as a brow highlight/crease blender)
  • lesli in leather (discont April LE): Crystal rose w/ blue & violet glow
  • love that lynne (discont April LE): Sheer cocoa taupe w/ halo of pink
  • slumber party: Golden cocoa with layers of copper and pink
  • stopping traffic: Sheerest butter yellow (another brow highlight/crease blender - similar to kiss of reality but not as shimmery or sparkly)

*I was lucky enough to write the color descriptions on my sample bags. Otherwise, I would not have descriptions of the full size discontinued limited edition eyeshadows.

And here are the color descriptions (if available) of the samples:

  • passion parade: Twinkling cocoa raisin
  • ruler of the land: Ashy denim blue shimmer
  • storybook love: Shimmering mauve rose
  • social climber: Soft plum shimmer
  • seeds of truth: Shimmering rose bronze
  • celia sings show tunes: (discont April LE - description not available)
  • cade in my parade: (discont April LE- description not available)
  • perceived reality: Graham cracker taupe
  • ecstasy unleashed: Nude corn yellow
  • simmer down now: Vivid rose bronze with a bit of sparkle
  • ruled by memories: Shimmering cocoa-berry plum
  • chained up heart (capricorn): Softest rose wine shimmer
  • december maybe (capricorn): Creamy bisque with a hint of coral
I hope you enjoyed checking out my haul. Please feel free to share your experiences with The She Space (aka About Face Cosmetics).

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