Sunday, May 10, 2009

It was a very happy Mother's Day...

Today, my daughter Sierra and I went to Victoria Rose Cottage (near the town we live in) with several of our mother/daughter friends for a Mother's Day luncheon and tea.
Step back in time with true Victorian Elegance and enjoy dining at its finest in this beautiful turn of the century historical landmark nestled in the heart of picturesque Old Town Clovis, California. Victoria Rose Cottage prides itself in superior cuisine. Freshly made soups, dressings and lunch are prepared by Chef Jim Roberts. Award Winning in-house dessert selections are prepared by our own English Baker, Frances Dozier.

Victoria Rose Cottage
Sierra and Robyn

Our group sat at this table...

...and two tables just like this one.

Sierra and Robyn
They serve the food on cute little silver trays.
Our table after we devoured most of the goodies!
The flowers that Jason gave me. They are so colorful they almost don't look real but they are.
After lunch we walked through downtown Clovis (locally referred to as "Old Town Clovis") and shopped at some of the local boutiques, including my new favorite Urban Ornaments. This store is full of cute and trendy jewelry, clothing and home decor items that you would expect to pay twice as much for. I'll post my purchases in a future blog. We also went to a local pet shop to check out birds (including a talking parrot), baby ducks and chicks, turtles, pythons and every type of lizard imaginable. Click here to view a quick slideshow of the birds.

I'll always treasure spending this fun girly time with my daughter. It was truly one of the best Mother's Days I've ever had.

Let me know what you did for Mother's Day.

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