Thursday, April 23, 2009

FOTD: Aromaleigh "Pinks"

This week's Aromaleigh weekly makeup challenge is "pink." When I first started using Aromaleigh about a year ago, pink was the first color I branched out to after being a beige/brown girl for most of my adult life. I wore it A LOT and got a little burned out. So I decided to try new Aromaleigh colors and took a hiatus from pink for a while. This week's challenge perked up my interested in pink again. I realize now that I've really missed my pinks.

Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics has tons of pinks to choose from. Go check em out here!

Color Descriptions:
  • Edie - Pearlized glimmering medium pink
  • Diamanda - Luxe orchid shade, purplish pink pearlescent sheen
  • Wild Coco -A muted khaki brown with coppery golden sparkles
  • Seed Pearl - A most delicate neutral satin taupe with soft pastel sparkles
  • Angel Wing - A very pale white/pink with iridescent pink highlight
  • Shadow Witch - Midnight smoked blue with surprising golden sparks


  • AL shadow base - all over
  • edie - inner 1/2 lid
  • diamanda - outer 1/2 lid
  • wild coco - crease
  • seed pearl - brow bone
  • angel wing - tear duct
  • shadow witch - mixed w/ sealant and lined wet on top lash line
  • Max Factor 2000 calorie waterproof black mascara

Rest of face:
  • 2y voile/2yl glissade mineral foundation - all over
  • clear ultra resolution finishing powder - t-zone
  • dolly gothic lolita rouge - cheeks
  • sylvie - lips

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