Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aromaleigh Makeup Challenge Week 53: "Summer Fruits and Veggies"

This week's Aromaleigh makeup challenge is to do a look inspired by summer fruits and veggies.

A pineapple was the inspiration for my eyes, an apricot for my cheeks, and a mango for my lips. It was a loose interpretation but you get the idea.

*All makeup is Aromaleigh unless otherwise noted.

Color Descriptions

  • lorelei - A multidimensional golden wheat pearl with the slightest warm russett highlight
  • divine intervention - Glorious verdant pearlescent warm green with heavenly sparks of blue
  • coco bean - A shimmering rich bronzed brown
  • rococo - A clear sweet nectar-hued rouge
  • romance at dusk - A lovely pink with a golden iridescent highlight
  • hibiscus - A gorgeous coral tone


  • lorelei eye lustre- inner lid (inside of a pineapple)
  • divine intervention gothic lolita - outer lid and under bottom lashes (leaves of a pineapple)
  • coco bean pure hue - crease (skin of a pineapple)
  • Max Factor 2000 calorie waterproof mascara in black

Rest of face:
  • 2y/2yl glissade mineral foundation - all over
  • clear ultra resolution finishing powder - all over
  • rococo gothic lolita rouge/romance at dusk pure rouge- cheeks (apricot)
  • hibiscus pure hue/Aromaleigh lip balm - lips (skin of a mango)

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