Sunday, January 25, 2009

Warm Neutral FOTD (Aromeleigh and MAD Minerals)

In February 2008, I started experimenting with and using mineral cosmetics. The first one I tried was Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics. I was instantly in love with their products. However, I didn't know what else was out there so I ventured out and scanned the internet for other mineral makeup companies. I came across MAD Minerals (MM) and purchased a few samples of eye shadow. Since I had been using Aromaleigh for a while and was already used to the high quality of their eye shadows, I wasn't surprised that MM eye shadows didn't measure up. But not being one to (several months after my purchase), I decided to break out my MM samples again and give them another try. I really like how the colors look together. However, I will not purchase full sizes of these shadows once the samples are used up.

* Aromaleigh Eye Shadow Base/Primer - brows to lashes
* MAD Minerals eye shadow in Sand Dune - lid/crease
* MAD Minerals eye shadow in Toffee - crease, outer corner, under bottom lashes and lined wet on top lash line
* Aromaleigh Satin Petals Frost eyeshadow in Dandelion - brow bone and inner corner
* Covergirl Marathon Mascara in Black

Rest of face:
* Aromaleigh mineral foundation in 2y Voile mixed with Aromaleigh Perle Powder in Mirage
* Aromaleigh Perle Powder in Halo on cheeks
* Aromaleigh Metamorphosis Finishing Powder lightly all over
* Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss in Rhythm (pale nude pink w/ slight sparkle - doesn't photograph well) *Today, I was in a nude gloss mood. But in reality, something richer would have looked better.

(First 3 photos are outdoors w/ flash)

(Next 3 photos are indoors with flash)

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