Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Latest addition to my skin care routine

It's Retin-A Micro!

I went to my dermatologist (aka derm dr.) yesterday for my annual "freckle check," and I asked her for a prescription for Retin-A to diminish my fine lines and wrinkles. After some discussion, we decided I would start out with the .04% formula instead of the .1% formula just in case my skin is very sensitive to it and needs time to work up to the stronger one. She gave me several samples of the .04% to try before I get my rx filled.

So here is the game plan:
  • Start using the .04% samples (I did this last night)
  • Shop pharmacies for the best price of both formulas of Retin-A Micro (insurance does not cover it for my purposes so it's going to be expensive)
  • After the samples are used up, decide whether or not my skin tolerated it well. If it did, call derm dr. for an rx for the .1% and don't get the .04% rx filled. She thought this would be better than starting out directly with the .1%, finding out it was too strong for my skin and wasting all that money. Good call doc!

Results so far:

  • No irritation after one application.

I'll keep you posted,


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