Friday, December 28, 2012

Forever 21 for the 40+ . . . recent finds

My daughter turned Sweet 16 on the 18th of this month. As a present, she received a Forever 21 gift card which was burning a hole in her pocket so I took her shopping last week and actually found a few things for myself.

I've shopped at this store many times since my daughter started high school and began caring about fashion. I probably would never have even entered the store had it not been for her. The prices are fabulous (the quality is hit/miss) if you want to score trendy items that you don't expect to last through several seasons. The majority of their stock is geared toward the teen/20's age group but if you shop carefully and with a "how would I style this" mindset, you can find some great pieces that will work for more mature fashionistas.

Here's what I got and how I'm going to wear it:

1) I'm much more curvy than the model.   This striped scoop neck top with ruched sleeves is going to be fabulously sexy on a casual date night with the hubs.  Add dark wash boot cut jeans and black high heels (see below). . .voila!  

 .  . .with my black Vera Wang heels from Kohl's
2) No, I won't be wearing this color blocked sweater with leather pants.  I imagined myself wearing it with dark wash skinny jeans and black motorcycle inspired boots.

3) I will wear this retro inspired t-shirt top underneath a 3/4 sleeve cropped blazer with ruched sleeves (see below).

. . .with my Metaphor blazer from Sears,0&resMode=sharp&op_usm=0.9,0.5,0,0

4) I chose a size of this tiger/union jack shirt that was more form fitting than the one on the model.  I think loose fitting clothing adds pounds on a curvy girl so I prefer a fit that embraces my curves.  I'm going to wear this vintage inspired t-shirt with snakeskin skinny jeans (see below) and some wedge booties (see below).

. . .with my black Apt 9 snakeskin coated skinny jeans from Kohl's

Apt. 9 Snakeskin Coated Skinny Jeans 

. . .and my Merona wedge "shooties" from Target


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