Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aromaleigh's LE "Hot in the City" up for sale (color descriptions and skin swatches revealed)...

  • window shopping - neutral champagne buff with golden iridescent highlight and vivid gold sparkles.
  • skyscraper - rich, deep gray/green/brown tones with shimmery highlights of copper, pink and blue.
  • coney island - joyous green apple luster with bright sparks of green.
  • swelter - lustrous tangerine with a pink iridescent highlight and contrasting purple sparkles.
  • gridlock - mysterious midnight blue, teal green, silvery pewter and warm chocolate tones; all in one, ever-changing.
  • return to tiffany's - gorgeous aqua sheen with diamond luster and bright teal sparkles.

  • girl's night out - warm purple frost with bright green sparkles.
  • hustle & bustle - a warm coppery brown shade with iridescence of pearlized greens and roses.
  • asphalt - darkest ebony matte black offset by the brightest sparks of pink and gold.
  • italian ice - sweet and tart bright lemon yellow with pretty pink sparkles throughout.

  • concrete jungle - warmed taupe with the most amazing bright sparks of aqua.
  • neon lights - soft flame orange with sparks of blue.
  • lady liberty - lustrous smokey blue green frost, the shade of weathered copper... like the lady herself!
  • socialite - roses, mauves and browns in a lustrous frost with bright sparks of pinky mauve.
  • late for work - Vivid deep cornflower blue luster with sparkles of blue and green.
  • hoity toity - Deep smokey mauve tones with a metallic pewter undertone and bright sparkles of blue.

  • heat wave - Warm golden luster with iridescent pink highlights and tiny golden sparkles.
  • rooftop garden - Warm golden green frost with tiny sparkles of gold and blue.
  • 24 hours - Deep coppered garnets, smooth and lustrous with tiny sparkles of gold and pink.
  • brownstone - Cocoa brown frost with tiny borealis luster sparkles. Not your average brown.

Of course, I've already purchased the entire sample set. Aromaleigh colors are so special and have subtle nuances that are not able to be captured on camera. So I've learned that you need to try every single color in person and on your eyelids to make a decision on whether a color is right for you. My top 5 to try are: concrete jungle, brownstone, lady liberty, rooftop garden and heat wave.

Click here to get your samples now! Aromaleigh usually puts the full sizes on sale at 25% off the week after the collection has been unveiled. READ MORE...

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