Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Aromaleigh limited edition L'Orchidee swatches and color descriptions are here!

Click here to order from this collection.

  • Jewel - Cool purple with shimmers of coral gold contrasting the purply goodness.
  • Tigrilla - Sure to please, a lustrous tangerine tones enhanced with sparks of iridescent gold.
  • Seed Pearl - A most delicate neutral satin taupe with soft pastel sparkles.
  • Wild Coco - A muted khaki brown with coppery golden sparkles. Tame, but wild at heart!
  • Unicorn - Palest yellow luster that phases to a cool blue highlight.
  • Mariposa - Brilliant red/wine frost with shimmering red sparks of depth.
  • Pink Fingers - The softest pink opaque satin frost with diamond lustre highlight.
  • Moonset - Deepest purply blue with brilliant diamond shimmer.
  • Cascade - Rich brownish burgundy luster with purply mauve undertones, lustrous frost. Beautiful liner/crease shade.
  • Tangleroot - Earthy lush green with cool dimensional shimmer sparkles.
  • Moth - Pale and delicate iridescent tones appear softly grey, always changing.

  • Bumblebee - Soft yellow lustre with pale pink iridescent sparkle highlight.
  • Shadow Witch - Midnight smoked blue with surprising golden sparks.
  • Pixie Cup -: Soft fawn with a generous helping of pixie pink iridescent shimmer. Divine!
  • Showy - Lovely cool pink frost with blue iridescent sparkles
  • Cricket - Vivid yellow green with bright sparks of iridescent green.
  • Orinoco - Soft peach lustre that reveals a satiny borealis iridescence.
  • Chatterbox - Rich, multi-dimensional brownish mauve smoke with frosted shimmer.
  • Dragon - Fascinating green, muted in tone but with a smoked base and pearl luster.
  • Heart - Rich deep pink with iridescent golden shimmer sparkle.

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