Hi, I'm Robyn and I'm so glad you found my blog (formerly "Robyn's Nest").  I'm a 40-something full-time mom and wife, red wine lover, gardener, self-professed computer geek, and California girl (born and raised).

BLOGGING:  I started this blog in 2006 so faraway family and friends could keep up on what our family was doing.  However, over the past couple of years it evolved to be a bit more than that.  It's now one of my favorite creative outlets (i.e., 
I have no intentions of ever trying to make money off of my blog).  So here, I get to geek out on the computer and share my love of family, cooking, makeup, decorating, transforming thrift store items, furniture refinishing, shopping, gardening, fashion, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  I have "comments" disabled on my posts (why?  Article 1Article 2), so if you want to let me know something or have a question, please feel free to send me an email or message me on Twitter.  

MAKEUP:  I've had a passion for makeup my entire life.  My mom has a photo of my brother and I (I was around 5 years old) dressing up in our parents' clothes and I'm grinning proudly wearing Mom's bright blue eyeshadow from my lashes to my brows.  Nowadays, I usually stick to a neutral palette of ivory, copper, and brown eyeshadows (although I did have a "purple period" in the 80's), but I do like to experiment with other colors as well and you'll see many of of those looks (known as Face of the Day or FOTD) here on my blog.  I've even done a few photo tutorials for those women who are just getting into wearing makeup and need a helping hand.  I hope you'll find something useful or inspiring.

FASHION:  I'm a full-time mom who enjoys taking pride in her appearance instead of schlepping around town in sweats.  By no means do I consider myself a fashionista, but I do enjoying keeping up on the latest trends and incorporating them into my personal style.  I'm basically a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal but I add more interest to my outfits with accessories and clothing that has special details (like gemstones, ruffles, ribbons or embroidery). My go-to outfit usually consists of a flowing blouse (slightly tucked in in the front of my pants) over slim-fitting pants, 4" wedge heels (boots in winter), my wedding ring, large silver hoop earrings, a watch on my left wrist, and a costume jewelry ring on the first finger of my right hand.  

In my blog, you probably won't find much "high fashion" but you WILL find posts on everyday style for the over 40 woman, easy ways to update your wardrobe, and a few tips and tricks on how not to dress like a mom.


Hair  I was born with light brown hair but have been coloring/highlighting it since high school.  Although I've been various shades of red and brown from time to time, I've mostly been a blonde because I feel like a blonde at heart.  

I've also gone back and forth between short and long, straight and curly but have been enjoying a 5 year run with my below-the-shoulders length hair.  

I was born with straight hair but after the birth of my daughter in 1996, my hair turned wavy and even more so after the birth of my son.  It's not a "good" wavy in my opinion so I usually blow it out and then re-curl it with a curling iron.

I do not use extensions of any kind.

The dark hair you see underneath in some of my photos is my natural color.  I only get the very top and front portions highlighted.  Saves time and money and I like the look of the darker hair peeking through.

Skin  I'm very fair.  I've never been able to tan.  I just burn and get freckly.  If you ever see me with a tan in any of my photos, it's sunless tanner (either professional spray tan or from a bottle).  

I have combination skin with visible pores in my t-zone.  Glycolic acid, Retin A, and sunscreen are my favorite anti-aging products.  

I've tried Botox once in the past (on the "11" between my eyebrows).  I liked the smoothness and "not mad" look it gave my face; however, it's so expensive that I haven't done it since.  I don't mind my face in its natural state and my man says I'm beautiful and doesn't even notice the lines.  I see so many women (young and old) who overuse Botox and look weird that I've vowed never to be "that" woman.  So for now, I just do my best to work with what nature gave me.

I had permanent makeup (tattooing with veg based dye) done on my eyebrows because they were getting thin in areas and I got tired of filling in with brow pencil.  But as of December 2012, I am in dire need of a touch-up but have no plans of getting the procedure repeated in the near future, so I continue to use brow pencil/powder.

Me with sunless tanner

Height:  5' 4"
Pant size:  usually 6 sometimes 8
Top size:  Misses Small or 6/8
Shoe size:  7. . . .6 1/2 for very high heels (I think it has something to do with the angle my foot is at) and a 7 1/2 for boots (I hate tight-fitting boots)

 MISC.:  I love. . .gardening, reading, cooking, renovating and decorating our home, shopping for vintage treasures, refinishing furniture, playing on the computer, family bike rides, red wine, seafood (especially shrimp), dark chocolate, Bath and Body Works Lavender Vanilla Tranquil Pillow Mist (I use it nearly every night), Etsy, recycling, jLo Live perfume, our miniature poodle rescue dog Rosie. . .and so much more.

Jason and me - Easter 2014

New Year's Eve 2013-14

Cameron and Sierra - 2014

Sierra - Junior year 2013-2014

We got our 15 minutes of fame!

My front garden


With Sierra at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 2012
With Cameron at Black Angus - Thanksgiving 2012

With Jason in Carmel Valley 2011

Cameron and Sierra - First Day of School 2011

Christmas 2010

Sierra and Cameron - Xmas Photo 2010

Xmas 2006

Cameron - 2004

Sierra - 1st day of Kindergarten

Sierra - 1996, 1 year old


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